Robby Johnson says "Don't Look Back" with his new album!

Robby Johnson - this hot country singer whom hails from Canada is taking over the airwaves and everyone's attention. Robby has toured in Canada as one of the opening acts for Keith Urban and even has Vince Gill lending his vocals to his new album.

The album entitled; Don't Look Back is out now and has received great reception from radio and fans all over. Robby Johnson is a star on the rise whom took truly wanted his first full length album to be filled with hits rather than many fillers.

Robby's current smash single and music video is; Together. Together is a very emotionally charged song with it's lyrics and visual within the music video. It truly talks about no matter the heartbreaks a couple is going through they truly want to be together forever. That by being together both can get through the hardest times such as addictions and being in another country fighting in war but have support always. Robby is someone that here at The Beat! we will be following and know that you as the readers will feel and do the same.

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