Justin Timberlake simply "Can't Stop The Feeling!"

Justin Timberlake  |  new single: "Can't Stop The Feeling!"  |

Justin Timberlake - after three years is now releasing a brand new single entitled; "Can't Stop This Feeling!" This song is part of a motion picture soundtrack coming out this summer; Trolls. I am a big Justin Timberlake fan and was hoping this was the first of many off a new album for him. Unfortunately, for the time being it is only a single off of a soundtrack with no word yet as to a major album project. Here's to hoping that this very catchy track gets Justin back into the studio and gifting us a new album! This is a must listen and purchase single, you will have it stuck with you all day and more after listening.

The other great news is that Justin Tibmerlake will be seen, well actually heard in the motion picture; "Troll" playing the character of Branch.


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