Interstate 10: sing "I'm Going To Miss You (Memorial Day Tribute)

Interstate 10 - is a duo which is comprised of two soldiers in active duty; First Lt. Andrew Yacovone and First Lt. Justin Wright, Army. These two gentleman's story is amazing of how they met and started to collaborate and now are a group releasing hit singles and an EP thus far.

Andrew Yacovone and Justin Wright both met while being deployed in Afghanistan in 2014 and found that they both shared something which is the love/passion for music. Thiis when the two talented gentlemen started to write from experiences being deployed with there first single entitled; Hometown Hero. This single was an instant YouTube hit which then led to  a release of an EP.

More amazing is that both gentlemen are stationed at different  bases being 40 miles apart. Even with this that does not stop their passion to play and make inspiring music. This now brings us to their brand new single; I'm Going To Miss You" which they both have stated was recorded and a video shot as a dedication to families of fallen servicemen. Now these two men are extremely dedicated to both their passions being to serve and protect and to share their love of music. They are truly gifted musicians and it was my pleasure to find them and to cover them in a special article dedicated to not just them but to all of our fallen and current service men and women. Check-out the below music video for their new single which will take one's breath away.

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  1. Hope everyone takes a moment to listen to this very gifted group, they are worth the time!