Oli Silk is a "Razor Sharp Brit!"

Oli Silk -  is a very accomplished jazz keyboardist, Composer, and Producer from the United Kingdom. Since the age of 11, Oli has been playing the keyboard and excels.

The latest album (4th album) from Oli Silk is entitled "Razor Sharp Brit" released from Trippin' & Rhythm Records. Oli's music is as always from him fresh and progressive. Jazz always stays in the forefront but always never the same sound or feel from one album to the next. A label of contemporary jazz is not for Oli Silk but a new sound.

Album features Julian Vaughn, Paul Brown, Chuck Loeb and Elan Trotman.

Track Listing:
1 At Your Service - Julian Vaughn 
2 In The Thick of It - Elan Trotman 
3 Like a Whisper - Kirsten Joy 
4 The Prestige 
5 Supersize!
6 Strings For Somebody
7 I'm In, Peace Is (The La La La Song) 
8 Shepards Spy
9 Every Single Way - Holly Petrie 
10 Larsons Blues
11 All Roads Lead To Home


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