Julie Roberts and her "Good Wine & Bad Decisions"

Julie Roberts - the hit country female vocalist is releasing her fourth album on Sun Records. This is the first album from Julie and the new record label for her. I am a huge fan of Julie's and it seems on this album she spreads her wings even more showing that she is one country artist that often more under the radar that deserves the big spotlight.

In 2004, Julie signed onto Mercury Records and released her very first album aptly entitled her name with the chart topping hit "Break Down Here." Then came her second album "Men and Mascara" in 2006 and then "Alive" in 2011.

Julie is the very first artist to be signed onto the Sun Label in 40 years. This lovely singer recorded on her new album "He Made a Woman Out of Me" which was originally recorded from Bobby Gentry and the huge Sun catalog. Vince Gill has an appearance on this album with a duet entitled "Old Strings." There is a true classic country feel to this new album and Julie has a noteworthy album worth any country fan to take notice and bring to his or her radar.

Julie Roberts, ‘Good Wine and Bad Decisions’ Track Listing:
1. ‘Good Wine and Bad Decisions’
2. ‘He Made a Woman Out of Me’
3. ‘Keep Me Up All Night’
4. ‘Gasoline and Matches’ (Feat. Buddy Miller)
5. ‘Old Strings’ (Feat. Vince Gill)
6. ‘Arms of Jesus’
7. ‘I’ll Close My Eyes’
8. ‘Bones’
9. ‘If I Were You’
10. ‘Old Habit’
11. When It’s Over’
12. ‘Daddy Doesn’t Pray’
13. ‘Wrong About You’
14. ‘I’m Not Getting Any Better at Goodbyes



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