Preview of Exclusive Interview with Matthew Silberman

Matthew Silberman - Here is a saxophonist and composer that is heating up the world of jazz. This year is a big milestone for this multi-talented artist being part of a popular jazz quintet, brand new debut album entitled "Questionable Creatures,"  two singles along with music videos ("Ghost of the Prairie" & "Questionable Creatures - Writing on the Walls"), and a successful tour.

I am very excited that we were able to sit down and speak with Matthew who talks about his new album and his career. One item you will love which I do is as soon as you listen to any of Matthew's music (whether it is live or from a recording) is that the jazz being performed has a rock infusion where it stands by itself.

Check-out Matthew's music and get yourself ready for the hot and exclusive interview we have with this artist on the rise!

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