Jamie Cullum has Momentum!

Jamie Cullum - is a British artist who is thirty-four years old and with "Momentum" releases his sixth studio album. Jamie has a huge following with his jazz infused music on previous albums though takes a little break from that in this new album. There are still tinges of jazz through-out the album though Jamie is taking a journey in what sounds to be more of a pop sound. A big and risky step for an artist that has placed his roots so solid in one music genre and now taking a leap elsewhere truly pays off from start to finish.

Momentum truly allows Jamie to turn a new leaf and show more of a versatile sound that still gives him the limitless energy that he seems to have when hearing his music and seeing him perform. Some fans may not love the new album though at the same time Jamie will be gaining new fans with a new brand that will introduce people that otherwise may not hear jazz and an array of music.



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