DJ Leomeo: "About Love" remix is on fire!

DJ Leomeo: "About Love" remix is on fire!

International DJ Leomeo hits the nail right square on yet again with the just released today's remix entitled: "About Love." DJ Leomeo always does terriffic work and this track coming out just in time for the lovers out there for Valentine's Day is perfection! The track features some of the best singers and ballads that we all know and love. What one has to know is buy the perfect meal at home, candles, dim the lights and have a bittle of wine and simply play this track in the background and the mood is set for romance!

DJ Leomeo is great with his fluidity in music making it sound like one endless song that simply transitions effortlessly to the next with the right mood and sound not lost and the beat still there. He is the rare breed of DJ's there are tons and of them globally but only a few selected that are truly the true deal that "Let The Beat Hit You!" will feature and support as in all artists that are truly gifted.

Take a listen to his work and you wil see why he has sold out events globally and his tracks are loved and gaining more fans day by day. Be on the lookout we will be conducting an interview with this highly sought after DJ very soon!

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