Glimmer Has Big Emotions: The Interview (part 1)

Glimmer Has Big Emotions: The Interview (part 1)

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The band “Glimmer” is taking over the airwaves and everyone’s attention with their brand of electro-pop along with their evolution along the way. They are a band that takes a metamorphosis on both their sound and look which keeps them fresh and amazing to watch. This band stands out in each track and music video. Glimmer’s current album is: “Wouldn’t Change a Thing” that has created hits/hot music videos: “Big Emotions” “Wouldn’t Change a Thing”& “Disco Predilection.”

Currently, the band is getting ready to release an EP of remixes and also another highly anticipated album with more originally written material. I was able to sit down for “Let That Beat Hit You!” with Van Hechter the lead singer of the band in Boston and speak about all things “Glimmer.” Van is a total gentleman and a sharp dresser as we walked around Boston and sat in the lobby of his hotel  talking about the band, up-coming projects and much more so enjoy the 2 installment interview!

Q. Tell us how the band came about getting the name “Glimmer”?
A. - We wanted a "disco" name; "Glitter", "Glitz", "Glam"... We wanted something humorous, which reminded us of flashing lights and sequins... Then we wondered; what would the looser version of "super flashy" be? Just a Glimmer. lol.
Sometimes I say it's because meeting my music partner was like a glimmer of hope in a really really dark career, lol.
Q. Van, you and your band “Glimmer” are a Montreal based group that is steadily gaining an international fan base, what do you think makes your band stand-out and are getting exposure over many others?
A. - What makes us distinct is our very "out-of-the-box" personalities. Dr. Jerome (my musician) has to be the most original, self-made man I've ever met. He has very strong, unusual opinions about EVERYTHING. This translates in his music... I have always been an outcast, even among the outcasts. I take nothing too seriously. I could never be among the trendy rebels who are caught up in themselves... A part of me always says (at parties, at fashion shows); "Really? Are we really such hot shit?? ---- No we aren't, we are nothing, and none of this is important"... This translates in my writing and in my voice.
Q. Tell us about how you came about writing your up-coming sophomore album.
A. - This second album is our first real album, lol. It reflects who we are, -- like we have come into ourselves... At first we didn't know each other. And I trust with difficulty... Now I just feel comfortable with Jerome, musically.
Q. You have a new single coming out, tell us about it and the inspiration for it.
- "Love to Live", is much about how all humans feel when they are burning the candle at both ends... Remember; when you were 22???
It's all about over doing everything and going for more... It's like hyper-living at that age, or extreme-emotion... We shot a very simple video, in the middle of Montreal for that track, more or less in all the spots where I personally experienced some of my ultra-living lol.
Q. Your music as of this moment is electro-pop and your voice is great for it, are there other styles you would love to venture into?
- We want to explore different genres; all the genres that we love will eventually be incorporated...
Q. Often male artists have made statements; DJs are not really interested in playing male dance/pop artists, only the divas, do you agree or disagree with this and why?
- If you are catchy enough; they will play you. --- And hey; life is such a bitch for women in many regards, if we get to deal with mild discrimination here; big deal!!!
Q. As an openly gay artist, has this made it more difficult to shatter the wall for success in the music business?
- As an openly gay man; things are harder, period. But I wouldn't change a thing.
Q. Do you have anyone in the music industry that is out, that you are impressed by and think truly paved the way for you?
- Freddie Mercury... I wear a moustache sometimes, literally in his honor. He scared the shit out of me as a child. But he was just so blunt about who he was (in his gestures, in his look, in his songs), -- he didn't even need to make statements. He just WAS. I love that man.
Q. What does it mean to you to be an openly out artist?
- It means I can never go back in the closet again, EVER!
Q. You done terrific music videos for your last singles: “Wouldn’t Change a Thing” “Disco Predilection” & “Big Emotions” tell us your inspirations for these videos.

- "Wouldn't Change A Thing" was a collaboration with my brother-in-law... I remember I wanted to start off clean and less goofy than I normally am... I love what came out of that first idea...
But came "Disco Predilection", the sequel... That's where trouble started lol; in this video, I am almost doing a parody of what I was doing in the first clip...
From then on; I present a character that is less and less in control of him... Just like arriving at a classy party which eventually degenerates hahahhaha.


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