Glimmer Has Big Emotions: The Interview (part 2)

Glimmer Has Big Emtions: The Interview (Part 2)

Here is our 2nd part of the 3 installment series with the exclusive interview with Glimmer and the lead singer Van Hechter. The band “Glimmer” is taking over the airwaves and everyone’s attention with their brand of electro-pop along with their evolution along the way. They are a band that takes a metamorphosis on both their sound and look which keeps them fresh and amazing to watch. This band stands out in each track and music video. Glimmer’s current album is: “Wouldn’t Change a Thing” that has created hits/hot music videos: “Big Emotions” “Wouldn’t Change a Thing”& “Disco Predilection.”

Currently, the band is getting ready to release an EP of remixes and also another highly anticipated album with more originally written material. I was able to sit down for “Let That Beat Hit You!”
with Van Hechter the lead singer of the band in Boston and speak about all things “Glimmer.” Van is a total gentleman and a sharp dresser as we walked around Boston and sat in the lobby of his hotel  talking about the band, up-coming projects and much more so enjoy!


Q. Who are some of the artists that are part of your “dream list” that you would love to collaborate with?

-          The main inspiration; my texts. Right now I mostly work with Baptiste Gissinger; I feel he is my video soul mate. Shame he does not want to become a film maker...
When watching your music videos and seeing you live you do a metamorphosis where you simply adapt and have many looks this is simply not seen with many artists, 

Q. Van you are very successful with keeping your look and sound fresh and evolving, where do you draw from your inspiration?

                - I would love to work with Adam Pallin (Little Jackie), I would love to work with Dimitri From Paris, and lord lord lord I would just be on my knees if, say, Giorgio Moroder wrote me an album...

Q. Tell us what is on board for you in 2012 for projects.

                - Again; I am really just being myself... If this business gives me a few years of fruitfulness, you will see that some themes reappear periodically... I am a complex person, and if I'm going to show you who I am, I have to submit you to the different moods, even the different truths...

Q. Where do you draw upon for inspiration when writing new material?

                - 2012; new album, new videos, new fans I think. 2012; also, on the side, the conceptualizing process of album 3...

Q. What would you tell up and coming artists that are trying to get into the industry?

                - Most of my texts are personal; I basically am the most honest when I put something in a song. Lol; rest of the stuff I say part is bull!!!!!! All of what I'll never say to your face gets expressed in a song; this is the inspiration behind each track...


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