Shania Twain is "Now!"

Shania Twain - one of the Queen's of Country is returning back to the musical scene with a brand new very long awaited album entitled; "Now." This is the first studio album since "Up!" which was released in 2002 so needless to say 15 years is long enough for fans to be ready for new material. 

"Now" is to be released on September 29th of this year on Mercury Nashville Records. Two singles have been released thus far the first being; "Life's About to Get Good" with a very autobiographical song and music video. Shania personalized this track that closed a chapter of her life with her ex-husband while acknowledging her lovely career which opens to a new musical and self discovery journey. The second single is more of a ballad which many fans adore from her songs. This song being; "Poor Me." Look-out for this year to continue to be a stellar one for Shania with her going on the road touring and much more!


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