Tim Schou sings Morrison!

Tim Schou - is one talented singer/songwriter that "The Beat!" is feverishly supporting! Tim is one artist that has taken the world by storm with his music and is continuing with his brand new single entitled; "Morrison." 

"Morrison" is one of those songs that showcases Tim's vocals and wide range of vocal versatility though his own written material. The listener can feel that Tim is emotionally involved with the song and has again dug deep to get those raw emotions. The video is simple though powerful in it's own right. Take a listen to Tim Schou's hugely noteworthy and attention getting new single that if you are not already will make you a fan!

Tim Schou is a huge supporter of our publication and we have been for him equally. It is great to see that someone like Tim loves the platform such as this where it speaks to all music and lovers of it on a global spectrum. Here is Tim in his own words about his new single; Morrison, enjoy!

In Tim Schou's Own Words:

"I wrote and recorded "Morrison" in Stockholm with Swedish songwriter Litens Anton and Swedish Stockholm based producer Kristoffer Eriksson.

The concept I wanted to create with the “Morrison” video was the search for the boundaries and the way we sometimes feel like we’re balancing on the edge of insanity, with the thoughts that’s going on inside of our heads, and that’s how the man in the suit (portraying a devil like figure) was suppose to be a figure of the thoughts inside of our heads. It’s almost like it’s a fight between the Devil and God, or the good angel vs. the evil angel. The good decisions vs the bad decisions etc.

I had Danish actor Pelle Emil Hebsgaard playing the devil and I was surprised how it actually turned out. In my eyes, he’s one of the best in Denmark with his fearless acting. He never compromises and always leaves me believing what he’s trying to get across, so I’m very happy to have him featured in this little film about angels and demons."


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