Sara Evans wants to be on a "Marquee Sign!"

Sara Evans - the country star has released a brand new album entitled; "Words" and the first single being "Marquee Sign" is a hit. This single and the music video leaves you no doubt that Sara has a strong message of how powerful and ex flame can be and what that person puts you through. One can tell that Sara is a survivor and holds strong with such verses:  "If you woulda been lit up like a marquee sign, I coulda saved myself some wasted time," This album is the first release in three years and once again will provide number one hits and continues her country roots with classics. The album has 13 tracks with one acoustic version of Sara's hit; "A Little Bit Stronger."

Upcoming Events

Saturday 8/19/17
Tropicana Las Vegas
Las Vegas, NV

Saturday 11/18/17
Renfro Valley Entertainment Center
Mount Vernon, KY

Saturday 12/9/17
Blue Gate Theater

Friday 12/15/17
Divots Event Center
Norfolk, NE


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