The Best of Holiday Music 2015!

The Best of Christmas 2015 Releases!

It is that time of year where we put the tree up, shop till we drop, ginger and mint everything known to man up, it is Christmas! I absolutely adore this time of year and the music it brings along with the happy memories. I always bring out my favorite music albums and check-out the new. As always there are the "must haves" and the "what were they thinking and/or on?!" Some of my favorite artists have either struck gold or failed miserably when releasing a holiday album. This year is like others where I want to feature many of what I found to be the best which can be pushed from a large studio or more independent.

This year I am very excited that artists like Patty Smyth, Kenny Rogers, Jann Arden, Kylie Minogue, Leann Rimes, Danny Gokey, and The Braxtons have released lovely holiday albums!!

As of this holiday season these artists have truly done their homework and released very lovely albums that each will become a classic (or at least in my catalog).  Each artist has brought a fresh feel to classics and many brand new tunes that are sorely needed and a delight. If you are looking for an enjoyable stocking stuffer, lovely tunes to play during an event or to brighten up a drive these 7 albums all from a wide array of genres and feel will bring something great. Just like everything it depends on your taste as to what one is right for you though if you are an eclectic music lover like myself than each will serve this purpose.

Happy Holidays!!!


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