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Chris Burke | I Can't Make You Love Me - The Mike Reid Songbook |

Chris Burke - One of my all time personal favorite singers that is a favorite here at "The Beat!" is singer/songwriter Chris Burke. Chris is a rising star that has such a rich singing voice it is natural that he is one of our "Artist's In Residence."

It is with wonderful news that Chris is releasing a brand new album along with single and tour dates, it looks like 2015 ends with a BANG and ushers 2016 in a grand way! There are many reasons why I as a fan of him not only of his art in music and writing but as a person comes through in his music selection (and the best talent he surrounds himself with).

Next month we start off the new year with Chris's lush album entitled; "I Can't Make You Love Me - The Mike Reid Songbook." This album I have to say is going to be one of his best yet. If you can not wait for the album (like myself) then rest assure the first singe; I Can't Make You Love Me is available right now! If Chris's album along with the first single sound familiar then you would be right since the song was made famous by Bonnie Raitt from her Grammy winning album "Nick of Time."

A very smart decision to dedicate an album to Mike Reid is fantastic. Mike Reid to bring everyone up to speed (in case you need a quick reminder) is a very successful songwriter. He has has many well known artists record his classics which you will hear made new by Chris.

I was very lucky to get some insight from Chris regarding this brand new project so here he is in his own words:

....."The first song we recorded, (speaking about producer Bobby King) which ultimately got us excited about working together on both of these albums (Soul Music & current Mark Reid Songbook), was a song that Bonnie Raitt recorded on her ‘Nick of Time’ album called ‘Too Soon to Tell’. The writer of that song is a Nashville guy named Mike Reid (whose best known and biggest hit was another song sung by Bonnie Raitt, ‘I Can’t Make You Love Me’).  Bobby and his wife, Ellen Britton, happened to be long-time friends with Mike, and they were able to send our version of ‘Too Soon to Tell’ to him. He LOVED it! ....So, we decided that his music and style fit well with the mixture of Bobby’s soulful production and my voice. Bobby and I decided to record Mike’s songbook which included tracks made famous by Wynonna Judd, Ronnie Milsap, and Leroy Parnelle, among others. Because we were able to work so closely with Mike, he also gave us a few gems that hadn’t ever been recorded by another artist. We also recorded ‘I Can’t Make You Love Me’ which is the title track and first single of my new album coming out in January 2016. It’s soulful and smooth, and it’s a perfect introduction to our 12 song take on the Mike Reid songbook."

Chris, this is one masterpiece of an album that I am very ecstatic you have done. Kudos, to you along with Bobby King and Mike Reid to make such a lovely album which is well worth one's time to purchase and enjoy listening to. In a day and age where a majority of "artists" loosely called are assisted heavily with studio equipment to sound decent you are by far a singer with roots from a time seemingly all but gone that is very much needed. Keep an eye out for more news on Chris such as additional singles, live performances and much more here!

‘I Can’t Make You Love Me’ - Single, OUT NOW

‘I Can’t Make You Love Me - The Mike Reid Song Book’ - out in January 2016

CD Release Show - Wednesday, January 27th, 6pm at Douglas Corner, Nashville, TN



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