Bette Midler has a "Gift of Love!"

Bette Midler | Gift of Love | December 4th

Bette Midler - one of my all time favorite ladies is releasing this year a new album of classic love songs. Bette Midler is releasing a "best of" collection her notable songs in the genre of romance. The album is set to be released on December 4th.

 Recently, Bette has been touring in her very successful global tour entitled; Divine Intervention along with her 14th studio album; It's The Girls! I am happy to say that with her latest studio album  Bette is only the 2nd singer other than Barbra Streisand to have hit the Top 10 for her albums in five consecutive decades. The last album hitting Number 3 on the U.S.Billboard 200. It looks like that everything is truly coming up roses for Bette Midler!

The "Gift of Love" captures many of Bette's romantic classics such as, The Rose (from the motion picture soundtrack in 1979), Wind Beneath My Wings (motion picture Beaches), From A Distance (album Some People's Lives in 1990), Every Road Leads Back To You & Come Rain or Come Shine  (both from the motion picture For The Boys in 1991), Shining Star (album Bette 2000), My Favorite Waste of Time (album No Frills in 1983), and one of my personal favorites, To Deserve You (album Bette of Roses in 1995).

This is a lovely album filled with many gems that you know and love and some new. The one issue I have with the album is that it primarily focuses on Bette's music career from 1989 and onward. It truly overlooks her music from the 1970's which only on this album showcases The Rose and the majority of the 1980's. There are fantastic songs that should have been included as true classics that were not seemingly thought of. I am hoping that post this retrospective album of Bette's romantic side that she releases another studio album (such has her widely successful songbooks from Rosemary Clooney and Peggy Lee) filled with re-imagined classics or perhaps a big band album that Linda Ronstadt did superbly in the 1980's, here's to hoping!


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