Dolly Parton is; "Pure & Simple!"

Dolly Parton - undoubtedly one of the original Queen's Of Country is out with a brand new album entitled; Pure & Simple. It is amazing that this diva is at 70 years young and is as busy as ever. One of the finest ladies out there is also doing an international tour in support of her new album with stops in the United States and all over the globe.  

Dolly has been a trail blazer in her long treasure trove of albums spanning from her single at a young age in the 1950's to the 1960s, 1970s, 1980s, 1990s, 2000s, 2010s! With her down to earth personality it is easy for anyone to fall in love with this star that is shinning bright. It is truly a breath of fresh air that when one listen's to Dolly's new album that her vocals are intact with nothing slowing her and her tunes down!

The album; Pure & Simple takes us on a lovely journey that only Dolly can do. From "Say Forever You'll Be Mine" where she connects wonderfully with the listener and taking them on the exact journey of where the song is to take you. Instrumentation as always is wonderfully captured within this track along with another; "Pure and Simple." "Kiss It (And Make It All Better)" is a track that has a lot of emotion where it speaks to all and similar to another song on the album; "Never Not Love You" where it is a vow from one person to love someone else. These songs make the listener connect to Dolly and the pain and passion she exudes through her vocals which is simply perfection.

There are toe tapping tracks such as; "Can't Be That Wrong" which is a song of guilt and doubt over cheating on a partner. Another two lovely songs are; "Outside Your Door" and "I'm Sixteen" which are both going to leave you uplifted. It has to go without saying there are only a few real alive singers that are truly Country Legends such as Dolly along with Loretta Lynn. This album marks over 40 albums that Dolly has released and as we all can assuredly say with out a doubt we look forward to yet more albums and projects from this Queen of Country; Dolly Parton!


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