JD Eicher (Preview of Exclusive Interview)

JD Eicher - is a musician that is now venturing into new territories career wise. 2016, is an instrumental year for this Youngstown, Ohio native who is releasing his first solo project entitled; The Middle Distance. Prior to his new endeavor he was part of; JC Eicher & the Goodnights. This comprised of JD and his long time band whom released three albums; The Shape of Things, Shifting, and Into Place. JD is now venturing onward with his solo project and hitting cities for a major touring schedule. This is one singer whom deserves the title of "artist."

Here at "The Beat!" we are very pleased to say that JD Eicher chose to sit down with us and talk about his career with the Goodnights, his new solo career, up-coming projects, and his current collaboration with best-selling author Nicolas Sparks!  JD's feature article will be coming out soon, in the meantime check-out THE VERY SPECIAL VIDEO GREETING! JD wants to get our readers and fans geared up for his article with the message made especially for "The Beat!"

JD, thanks for being such a gentleman and a true singer that we will be supporting for years to come! Now, sit down and relax and watch JD Eicher's special greeting below, cheers!

Official website:  http://jdeicher.com/
Itunes:  https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/the-middle-distance/id1097239745


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