Matt Goss: Life You Imagine (new album)

 Published On December 31, 2014 | By Mason Williams | 

Matt Goss - the singer/songwriter released his fifth album this year entitled; Life You Imagine. Matt is one hot singer whom has for a while now lit up the Las Vegas lights on stage. His live performances with a big band are brought into Matt's current album where he stays true to his vocals and the lush sounds.

Lovely Las Vegas is a track that easily one could hear Harry Connick Jr. or Michael Buble record.
In the 1980s, Matt was part of a group called Bros. in which had a hit entitled When Will I Be Famous, where the singer revisits it and breaths new life into it with this time a big band feel. One of the singles off the album is Strong where Matt's vocals soar and sound amazing. The entire album flows very well from track to track with no true misses other than for me; Face My Fears which was a bit on the boring side.

The current album showcases Matt Goss as the ever talented showman and the creative singer/songwriter. It is very refreshing that Matt took a very creative direction within this album. He did not simply stick to the tried and true standards or a songbook rather wrote and re-imagined songs for someone like myself this was delightful. A great thing to note is that the gentleman that you hear via the album is also whom you get live on stage in Vegas. This is one entertainer that is truly worth seeing live and checking-out his current album.


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