Pablo Alborán and his new album Terral!

Pablo Alborán - Terral is his third studio album. Pablo is a huge Spanish singer/songwriter whom already has garnered a number one hit with his first single; Por Fin on the Spanish Single Chart from this album. The second single; Pasos de Cero is already a lot of buzz and charting. Pablo is one sure fire singer that here at "The Beat!" we have to feature with his excellent song writing and sheer talent.

For 2015, Pablo has a huge tour supporting his new album. As of February of 2014; Pablo started to begin the recording of this album and brought in the famed producer Eric Rosse whom has worked with a talented roster such as Maroon 5 and Chris Isaac. The feel that I have found as a listener and what Pablo was looking for is achieved which was a feel of freshness such as an artist finds often in their first album. At 25 years old, Pablo has already had a total of four albums with three being original studio recordings with successful touring and millions of record sales. This Latin singer has done a fantastic job with keeping his music fresh and pleasing to the listener, I can safely say we will see Pablo Alborán for a very long time.


01.Por fin
02.La escalera
04.Pasos de cero
05.Está permitido
07.Ahogándome en tu adiós
09.Un buen amor
12.Quimera (con Ricky Martin)
14.El olvido
15.La escalera (Acústico)
16.Por fin (Acústico)
17. Quimera


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