India.Arie and her "SongVersation!"

India.Arie and her "SongVersation!"

India.Arie fans the wait is almost over for her long awaited fifth studio album entitled; "SongVersation." This album released on June 25th will be available on iTunes and all major outlets.

India.Arie's first came onto the scene with her 2001 album entitled "Acoustic Soul" which went platinum. Since storming on the scene, India.Arie has won 4 Grammy Awards and sold over 10 million albums globally. It has been four long years since she released her last album due to not liking where her career was going nor the industry so instead of releasing less than stellar music she went on a hiatus. This time away was possibly stepping away from the music industry for good but luckily that did not happen. India.Arie is looking with her new album from Soulbird/Motown Records to have her best songs and got back to her true musical roots.

The track listing (deluxe iTunes version):

1 Soulbird Intro
2 Just Do You
3 This Love
4 Nothing That I Love More
5 Flowers
6 Cocoa Butter
7 SoulBird Interlude: Trombone
8 Moved By You
9 Life I Know
10 Break the Shell
11 SoulBird Rise
12 Thy Will Be Done (feat. Gramps Morgan)
13 Brothers’ Keeper
14 One
15 Soulbird Outro: Clarinet
16 I Am Light
17 SoulBird Reprise: Ney
18 Thank You
19 6th Avenue
20 Strange Fruit


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