Eddy Barrena sings S.E..E.X.X! (exclusive intervew Part 1)

(Photograph by Seth London)

Eddy Barrena sings S.E.E.X.X! (exclusive interview Part 1)

Column by Mason Williams

   Eddy Barrena who hails from New Jersey and now makes New York City home is an accomplished model and now hitting the music scene. A singer/songwriter who has penned two very lovely tracks that are currently released: "State of Grace" (co-wrote) & "S.E.E.X.X." These two tracks already show that this artist is serious about about his craft and will be positioning himself for a long career. This year brings great monumental steps for Eddy such as: first two singles being released, studio recording on new songs, shooting a music video for "S.E.E.X.X," and releasing his first EP later this year.

   Enjoy the exclusive interview that "Let The Beat Hit You!" had with Eddy Barrena that is a two parter interview.

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(photograph by Thomas Synnamon)

Q. Eddy currently you are filming your music video for “S.E.E.X.X” tell us the experience and what we can look forward to.

Well, I cant give away all the details but the video is a mix of Burlesque, lace, hot bodies and S.E.E.X.X.

Q. Your fans love your current tracks: “S.E.E.X.X” & “State of Grace” how do you come-up with the hot beats and sound for these tracks?

Well the producers created the beats. Brandon Pope, who also Co-wrote the lyrics, produced State of Grace. It was an instant chemistry. We sat down and decided to pin a song about how you feel when you go out and all you do is get into the music, almost like a spiritual experience, reason why we called it State of Grace.

For S.E.E.X.X, Luca Prudente, an Italian producer who also did all my State of Grace Remixes, produced the beat and also talented Devon Perry did the vocals. I wrote the Lyrics. Yea, I’m a sexual person. Ain’t nothing wrong with that.

Q. Aside from being a singer/songwriter you are an accomplished model, will we be seeing you in future projects in this area?

Sure!. I started as a model. I will never let that go, even if I’m 80!. I have some collaborations in the bag for books and art shows. Plus Modeling keeps me in the radar and that can also help my music career

Q. Take us through the process when you write a song. Do you usually write from recent experiences or draw from personal stories or other areas?

Yeah. I like to write about what I go tru in the moment. I get inspired by experiences, tv shows, music fashion. So when the muses hit me, I just sit  down and write it. And if I’m not close to a piece of paper.. I just save them on my phone. I’m passionate about the creative process of making music.

(photograph by Thomas Synnamon)
Q. Eddy, you are a successful artist who is a singer and songwriter what have you found is the most challenging and why?

Everything is a challenge. Getting better each day, doing researches, practicing and even sometimes telling your mind to stop when you know you get what you wanted.  As an artist,  I wanna do better and better and better. I’m a dancer and I always try to improve my abilities. Every day is a new challenge.

Q. Tell us about the new track: “S.E.E.X.X” that many of your fans (such as me) have heard the original track/remix.

Well S.E.E.X.X celebrates human nature, being sexual beings. Its one of those songs you wanna lounge and feel sexy with. It’s a song about sex but done in a clever not too explicit way. You gotta use your imagination!

Q. You are writing currently more music for your up-coming released EP, tell us about some of these new tracks and what we can look forward to in the sounds and feel.

Yeah. Well, I love all kinda music, so that will be reflected in the final product. The name of the album is (most likely, and to be confirmed) “Colosseum”. In the album there’s a track with the same title, it’s a hip-hop/pop track I wrote towards the haters, trust me if we were in the Roman Empire and I was Caesar, I will unleash the lions lol, that’s just a metaphor. Obviously, you are familiar with State of Grace and S.E.E.X.X, both different songs but very special in their own style. Then we have a more Pop-Clubby track called “Get Reedy”. I’m also working in 2 tracks in Spanish and a rock-pop song. You’re gonna find something to relate to. I don’t wanna just make one kinda sound. I wanna experiment with different styles, now that I have the chance.

Q. 2012 is starting off great for you to be a successful year, what else will we be looking forward to from you this year?

More music, more videos, more modeling…

Q. Eddy, you are an accomplished artist, is there another area that you would love to venture into and why?
Filmmaking and Fashion. I went to school for filmmaking but being a dancer/model/singer, I always ended up in front of a camera. Now I wanna take the step to produce and direct too. I’m a visual person. When I write song I also visualize a music video, so yea don’t be surprise if I come up with some short film or whatever lol

Q. What made you get into the music industry?

My background as a dancer and theater guy. I was part of the drama club and the dance crew in High school and college. I grew up in a very musical family. No, none of them play instrument or sing but they always have music in the house. 

Q. Is there an artist on your “must list” that you would love to collaborate with?

3 artist. Britney Spears, Madonna and Shakira.

(photographs by Thomas Synnamon)

~ Eddy Barrena performing live "State of Garce" (Egyption Remix) @ Splash, NYC for the song's music video premiere.


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