Eddy Barrena sings S.E.E.X.X (exclusive interview Part 2)

    (photographs by Thomas Synnamon)

Eddy Barrena sings S.E.E.X.X! (exclusive interview Part 2)

Column by Mason Williams

Eddy Barrena who hails from New Jersey and now makes New York City home is an accomplished model and now hitting the music scene. A singer/songwriter who has penned two very lovely tracks that are currently released: "State of Grace" (co-wrote) & "S.E.E.X.X." These two tracks already show that this artist is serious about about his craft and will be positioning himself for a long career. This year brings great monumental steps for Eddy such as: first two singles being released, studio recording on new songs, shooting a music video for "S.E.E.X.X," and releasing his first EP later this year.

Enjoy the exclusive interview that "Let The Beat Hit You!" had with Eddy Barrena that is a two parter interview.

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                              (photograph by Thomas Synnamon)

Q. What was your first gig?

As a front man with my single “State of Grace”, it was at the closing night of this weekly party here in NYC called Calypso run by my dear friends Kevin Wiltz and Frank Carrasquillo. In general… I played Danny Zuko in a rendition we did in elementary school of Grease hahah. I know every moved from John travolta’s character. I was such a Grease fan growing up. I guess my family got the hint I was a stage person lol

Q. What was your first milestone as a musical artist?

Well, like I said before, music has been part of my life so recalling a  first milestone would be going back to my elementary school. But in present days, State of Grace made me realized once again what I want as an artist and as performer. It fed that passion for the stage, I was always someone’s back up dance and this song put me in the spotlight and it was magical. So it was a wake up call and a good one!

Q. What is it like getting into the music industry?

HARD!!! But none said life was easy or anything in it. So its just matter of following your passion

 Q. What would you tell up and coming artists that are trying to get into the industry?

“Keep aiming for the stars”.. that’s one of the quotes I live by

.Q. Is there a cover from any artist that you have not done yet that you would love to record and why?

Yes,  a medley with 80’s Madonna songs, a tribute to Britney Spears and “The show must go on” by Queen. Yeah, im a pop person but my heart is pure Rock lol

Q. When people listen to music from Eddy Barrena, what do you want them to remember about your music?

That it was made from the heart and passion more than just a lucrative thing.  Plus I want people to have fun and experience every feeling in each song

Q. How would you want someone to describe a Eddy Barrena concert when seeing you live to others?


(photograph by: Seth London)

Q. Who are some of your role models inside and out of the music industry and why?

Madonna and Michael Jackson. Come on, they open the door for everyone in the present days. Britney Spears is my idol. She made love performing when I was walking away from it. Her music her attitude plus she’s a survivor. Shakira, we are compatriots and I’ve seen her become this huge international superstar. And my mother.. she’s a warrior!!!

 Q. What are some of the lessons that you have learned thus far in the music business?

To be tough and stand on what u believe or you will be left behind. Stay true to who you are

 Q. Is there a dream venue for you to perform at, why?

Madison Square Garden, ive seen so many big artist perform there, that every time I see them I channel myself doing it. Its just the biggest arena to perform in the planet, you know u r a star when u r performing there. And The MTV VMA’s stage lol I would loooove to be part of their line-up one year
    (photographs by Thomas Synnamon)

~ Here is the official music video for Eddy Barrena's track: "State of Garce."

                              (photograph by Thomas Synnamon)


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