Ryan Adames: a "BANG!" Interview

Ryan Adames: a "BANG!" Interview!

Ryan Adames is a hit recording artist that is taking the international scene by storm with his hit track "Out Of My Mind" and his successful EP: "May Cause Blindless" released this year. Ryan's music was also featured in the hit motion picture: "Vampire Boys" in which he had a starring role. As a triple threat as a singer, actor and dancer this shines through with his high energy music video for "Out Of My Head" which he choreographed and set the entire vision for.

2011, is a banner year for Ryan with his music career in full swing, a brand new single: "BANG!" featuring the hot Chris Crocker being released December 13th, along with appearances and tour dates being one on December 11th at Krave Nightclub in Las Vegas! Be on the lookout for Ryan Adames in 2012 since from the sounds of it it will be a huge momentous year!

Here is our exclusive interview that we had with Ryan Adames speaking about his music inspritation, his new music video and much more - enjoy!

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Tell us about meeting Chris Crocker who is featured on your up-coming single: “Bang!” and how the partnership occurred. 

- Well that’s a good question! Haha, I’ve never actually met Chris, yet. It was a kind of crazy situation, I had this really amazing song and I knew I wanted a strong individual to be featured on it but I didn’t know who and I was on Twitter one day, seriously, and I saw him and it just clicked for me. I admire how fearless he is, and he loved the song and well, Bang here we are!

Tell us about how you came about writing “Bang!” your up-coming single.

- It was a 2 year process to write the song, mainly because I had to get a lot of things out, sound wise with my first EP before I could even wrap my head around writing a dance track. In September I started to listen to A LOT of current music and tried to figure out what I liked about it all and the song started coming to me, and when I wrote the part “UK to LA feel it boom in San Trope” I thought, this is horrible! But it really worked in the end, it’s a fun song but it has meaning behind it for me.

How would you describe your music?

- Ahh I always find this question so difficult to answer. I believe my music is honest, edgy and passionate and regardless of how well my music sells at one point or another I had those feelings that I sing about in every song. I’m not a manufactured artist and I think that’s what sets me apart.

You did a terrific music video for your current single: “Out Of My Mind” tell us your inspiration for the video
- Thank You! I knew right away that Out of My Mind would be the single and since I’m a performer when I start writing a song I envision how the video would look, the choreography, story and all of that so it was pretty clear for me. I’ve always been a big horror movie fan and I wanted to make a video that was kind of crazy in a way, I got to work with Charlie Vaughn again who directed and he did an amazing job as always. It was stressful filming since we were on a big time crunch but in the end it really worked, I think we filmed the whole video in 6 hours. Its cool to still watch something and be proud of it, my blood, sweat and tears are in that little video!

What is in store for us in your next video?
- That’s a loaded question! I’m hammering out the last details of the video but its definitely going to be a game changer for me. I’m a perfectionist and can be a little crazy when it comes to things like this, but I have the best team possible around me, I’m working with Joey Cooper on choreography who I did a show with in 2006 as well as Boogiezone. So they’re bringing a lot to the table, without giving too much away ill just say that its going to be a bad ass video!

What made you get into the music industry?
- Purely passion

What was your first gig?

- My first gig was at Eleven Nightclub, I was beyond nervous. I had been recording my album and it was the first time debuting my music and also the first time a lot of people saw me as Ryan the artist.

What was your first milestone as a musical artist?

- I think for me, what made me realize Hey you’re on the right track was when I began to receive letters from people telling me how much of an inspiration I was, and how my music helped them through tough times, that really is a milestone to me. I didn’t set out to be an inspiration but hearing things like that really makes me realize how lucky I am

You are an accomplished actor, dancer and recording artist, where do you see yourself in the future in both industries?

-EVERYWHERE! Haha, I really love music and it goes hand in hand for me with acting, so I definitely want to have a big movie under my belt. I see myself experimenting a lot with music and my voice too so definitely a few more albums and a world tour!

What is it like getting into the music industry?

-Its tough and I believe you have to be 100% passionate about it or else you’ll be eaten alive. I’ve spent more money on making music then the profit ive gotten but its worth it to me because I live, eat and breathe music. Its not easy that’s for sure

Who are some of the artists that are part of your “dream list” that you would love to collaborate with?
I really like Rihnnas new music, so that would be awesome and I envision doing a duet with Lady GaGa at some point, but I think a big dream would be to collaborate with Davey Havok from AFI, I would love to write a song with him!

Tell us about your current project you are working on.

- Well im getting ready to release BANG on the 13th and am so excited to get that out for everyone to hear and dance to. It’s a little nerve wrecking before a release because you don’t know how everyone will respond to it. On top of that im planning the music video which will, fingers crossed be shot in early January

Where do you draw upon for inspiration when writing new material?

-All of my inspiration comes from personal experiences. I made a vow to myself in the beginning that I would never sing a song I didn’t experience, and I think its great for my fans to know that I really write my music from personal things that have happened to me currently or in the past. I’m not going to be one of those artists that has a bunch of songs about going out to the club ya know?  That’s just not me.

What would you tell up and coming artists that are trying to get into the industry?

-I would first ask, “Do you go to sleep dreaming about music, and wake up thinking about it?” if the answer is yes I would say then go for it because I believe those really are the people that can make it, and to stay true to yourself and stand up for what you believe in. Its really easy to get walked all over in this industry so you kind of have to be your own body guard.

What is one album and artist that you find yourself listening to currently (old or new) and why – “a must listen to.”

- I listen to so much music but I would say that Adele is amazing and I think she is the best artist out there right now. She’s so soulful and inspiring, and honest which is what I look for when I listen to other artists.

If you were to cover one song from any artist’s library, what song would you choose that you could put a Ryan Adames stamp on and why?

-I would like to say Michael Jackson “Dirty Diana” because I absolutely love him and that song, but you just can’t because his music is so perfect the way it is. I actually am planning on doing a cover so I don’t want to give it away but it’s a throwback to the 80’s which will be new for me because I haven’t recorded a song that wasn’t written by myself so it will be a fun process I think because I’ll want to change some things around to make it my own.

When people listen to music from Ryan Adames, what do you want them to remember about your music?

- I want them to think, wow he wrote this, he was experiencing this, and it sounds so different than whats out there. I might not be the best guitar player, or singer but what I have is honesty and passion. I’ve never gone into the studio and a producer gave me a track and said here record this, I have co produced and written every single song I have recorded, but I’m proud of that because a lot of artists now don’t have any input on what they’re singing about.

How would you want someone to describe a Ryan Adames concert when seeing you live to others?

-Electric! The best part of my job is being able to put on a show, I feel most alive when I’m on stage and I think that comes through when you see me perform. I want it to be like you are going to see a circus show, its so crazy yet you can’t take your eyes off it and I really want it to be inspiring because a little over a year ago I began recording music so its amazing to see my journey which will show in my performance.

Who are some of your role models inside and out of the music industry and why?

-Well first I would say my Mama, who is deaf, she inspired me to be myself and follow my dreams. She busted her ass cleaning bathrooms, and whatever she could to make ends meat. She’ll kill me for saying it but she’s 56 and looks better than most 40 year olds so I have learned a lot from her. Michael Jackson has always been a big inspiration for me too, I really believe no one could ever top him and his talent. I saw “This is It” 3 times in the theatre and cried like a baby every single time. He left a mark on the world that will never be forgotten

What are some of the lessons that you have learned thus far in the music business?

-I think the biggest lesson has been to trust my instinct. In the beginning of course you want to say things because you feel a certain way but you don’t know how to tell someone you hate the way that sounds or whatever, luckily my Mama didn’t raise me like that and I have spoken my mind, maybe a little too much. I do think that when it comes to your passion though you should never let anyone have authority over that. Every gut feeling I’ve had has really been for the better and I don’t regret a single decision.

Is there a dream venue for you to perform at, why?

- I would typically say Staples Center, or Madison Square Gardens, but I just want to see my name in lights! I do really want to perform on Ellen, haha, one dream at a time!


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