Cristobal is "Hangin' on a String" Interview!!

Cristobal is "Hangin' on a String" Exclusive Interview!!

Cristobal is a hot recording artist who is from the Galápagos Islands and now resides in Miami, FL. This hot artist just released his first debut single "Hangin' on a String" with some great beats and lovely words. A successful model turned singer has just made his first track and is currently working on other projects to make himself on the map in the recording industry!

This is the first exclusive interview with Cristobal who spoke with "Let The Beat Hit Us!" about his aspirations, his passion for music, role models,  and much more!

"for me doing music is not only something I want, is a necessity" - Cristobal 

Official Cristobal Facbook Artist Page:!/pages/Cristobal/112272864567
Hangin' on a string by Cristobal's music Hangin' On A String ( Radio-mix by orly) by Cristobal's music
Hangin' on a string by Cristobal's music
What made you get into the music industry?
My Father exposed me to a lot of different music as a child and it is something that I always wanted to do since an early age... I have always loved music

What was your first gig?
As a back up singer in underground club called Click!

What was your first milestone as a musical artist?

Recording my fist song ("Hangin' on a String").

Your first major single is your current: “Hangin’ on a String” (original ballad & remix), tell us how this song came to life and what made you record this song in particular. 
Sometimes when you are in love one tries to express it through a song such as "Hangin' on a String." I guess that is just a song that comes from my heart!  

Does your current single have a particular special message to you and what you want it to convey to the listeners?
Its about being vulnerable when you are totally in love, hopelessly in love!

Where do you see yourself in the future in the music industry?
Keep doing music...for me doing music is not only something I want, is a necessity

Tell us about yourself, perhaps a few interesting facts about the recording artist Cristobal that many do not know.
I am just a Happy guy who lives his life to the fullest... there is so many things i want to do ... not sure if one life will be enough.

Tell us more about your successful modeling career.
Modeling is something I did in the past and enjoyed but not really focusing on that anymore.

What is it like getting into the music industry?
It is fascinating , being able to express yourself to music is a wonderful gift but you need to be multifaceted as an artist you have to be the whole package and a business man as well as the secretary.

Who are some of the artists that are part of your “dream list” that you would love to collaborate with?
Alicia keys, Mariah Carey, Alejandro Sanz (Spanish Singer) Lenny Kravitz, Shakira …. the list is long

Tell us about your current project you are working on.
I am about to record my first cover, and I want to record it in Spanish as well

Where do you draw upon for inspiration when working on new material?

Its all about connecting to my feelings and expressing them honestly

What would you tell up and coming artists that are trying to get into the industry?

Do it .. and do it now.

How do you choose your tracks to record?
They choose me, I feel drawn to them.

When people listen to music from Cristobal, what do you want them to remember about your music?
The emotion that is poured into each lyric of every song.

How would you want someone to describe a Cristobal performance when seeing you live to others?

I wanna make people laugh and cry

Who are some of your role models inside and out of the music industry and why?

Alicia Keys, Mariah, Whitney, Tina Turner, Adele... I am all about diva voices. Outside the music industry I admire Angelina Jolie for all the good things she does around the world and because she is so damn gorgeous. Angelina uses her career and beauty to help others who are in need.
What are some of the lessons that you have learned thus far in the music business?
To let my ego go in the studio and just sing my ass off

Is there a dream venue for you to perform at, why?
the you need the why? lol

What do you think of programs such as the hit forums for artists: “American Idol” & “X Factor?”
They are great places to reveal raw vocal talent but they don't shine light on musical artist.

Lastly, what is the phrase when someone describes Cristobal as an artist?

Pop music with some R&B and Latin flavour


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