Nick Carter & Jordan Knight are "Nick & Knight!"

 Nick Carter & Jordan Knight - have joined forces to release their first duo album entitled; "Nick & Knight." Both gentlemen are from famous boy bands and have celebrated huge successes from Jordan Night being part of New Kids on the Block or known now as NKOTB which has spanned hits from the late 1980's to current and then Nick Carter being part of Backstreet Boys or also known as BSB whom have been  turning out hits since the 1990's.
People have taken notice global of both of these very talented boy bands and in turn the individual singers within them. Each has in their own right placed their own trials as a solo artist (some more successful than others). This time around two from different bands decided to go it alone from their respective group to work together in a two person collaboration project which has lent some very catchy tunes and very good response.  

Jordan Knight and Nick Carter met originally in 2011 when both groups; NKOTB & BSB teamed up for a tour NKOTBSB tour and compilation album. The tour, music and collaboration proved to bring great fanfare from fans in terms of concert ticket sales and the overall response to everything which was very positive. When both Jordan and Nick met during this touring they found they had mutual respect for each other's talent and were very interested in collaborating which brings us to now where the two gentlemen for our listening pleasure have their first joint effort project without their bands and have done great work.  
 The first single entitled; "One More Time" which is out now is charting (which also has an accompanied music video). The two gentlemen are now embarking on a tour starting  on September 15th in Nashville, TN and concluding on November 22nd in Calgary, Canada.


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