Fan Focus: Eric Alán

(Photography by Jeff Fusco. (If you want to go all out with credits... Shirt: Dolce Gabanna, Slacks: Zara, Accesories: Neiman Marcus, Hair & Make Up: Frankie G)
Fan Spotlight: Eric Alán
Eric Alán is a dynamic musician from penning his music, great live performances, hot music videos and is electrifying fans with every new project. "Let The Beat Hit You!" is doing it's very first fan interview where our hot artists are selected and answer all the in-depth questions that are posed by you! Eric Alán is our very first musical artist that has a large fan base which is growing by leaps and bounds. Enjoy the behind the scenes to all the latest buzz from the leading artists.
"The last few weeks I've been heavily involved in some major projects. One was filming the L.O.V. & E. video and the other a live television performance & interview on the show Talking About with JC Alvarez. The whole process was documented and will be released soon as a short 'rockumentary' called "Making L. O. V. & E.". It goes from the day we started auditions to the TV show and the actual day of shooting. It includes interviews with key people involved in the video as well as behind the scenes footage and sneak peaks into the video itself. It doesn't give away too much though. It's like a trailer for a film. You see just enough to peak your interest and make you wanna go see the actual movie! These have been my most amibitious projects to date and I'm very proud of them all."
~ Eric Alán

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What inspired you to start singing? When did you realize Ok this is it! Im gonna do this?!
Ever since I was a kid I would sing and dance around in my room; that’s how I ‘played’. I remember very vividly how my cousin and I would record ourselves singing along to our favorite songs on a boom box. We would also make our own music videos with a VHS video camera to then show it to our family; good times. I always wanted to be like the recording artists I worshipped but it seemed like such a far off dream; something unattainable in any aspect. It wasn’t until I was involved in the music making and recording process on a more professional level that I actually realized I had, an albeit small ,chance at making my dream a reality. I still have a long way to go, but I’m holding on to that chance, constantly moving forward and not looking back.
If you had the chance to work with any artist side by side on your next album, who would it be?
There are so many people I respect in the music industry; it would be an honor to work with any one of them and each for different reasons. I think on a creative level, it's more working with certain producers I would find most rewarding. There are a few I have in mind and am currently negotiating with.
How do you stay looking so hot? How often do you work out...any special diets?
Wow, I never thought I would be asked a fitness question. I will be very honest and say it's not easy; I love to eat. I literally work out everyday. My workouts vary in any combination of weight training, swimming and cardio. No matter what, I'm at the gym 7 days a week. I do watch what I eat, but I don't follow a specific diet plan. Protien shakes after my workouts however, are essential.

What do you do to get ready immediately before a performance? Any rituals or vocal preps? Do you meditate, have some tea, do you dance...etc...etc???
I can't say that I have a set ritual. Each situation is a little different; it depends on the setting. Generally, I like to get all involved together and do one last minute run thru of the event and give a 'good show' pep talk and thank you. After that, I do find that I like to be alone for a bit, perhaps meditating, or going over the performance in my head and remembering any last minute adjustments or changes that may have occured. It's my time to focus; the quite before the storm.

Eric, any chance you'll be scheduling any more performances in Texas?
Houston is where I was able to start this journey as a recording artist, so I’m very grateful to Texas for giving me that opportunity. Right now, writing and recording new material for the album as well as filming and other projects have me really busy. I don’t have any scheduled performances for Texas as of now, but definitely plan to in the future.
I love your style...who is your inspiration?
What drives and motivates you when it comes to your music?
I don’t think there is one single motivator or inspiration. The motivators and inspirations along with my own thoughts, experiences and ideas are all dancing around in my head; constantly. I take them, reinterpret them and from that I have my latest project, be it a concept, a song, a music video or whatever it is I’m working on.
If I had to put a name to some of my inspiration…artistically, I have to say that Dave Gahan of Depeche Mode and Madonna have influenced me greatly. Gahan with his haunting vocals and Madonna with her sheer, unbridled ambition. Both have amazing showmanship and talent and I can only aspire to one day achieve what they have; I’m working on it.
As far as motivation, there are too many things to list, but I have a large amount of ambition myself. I won’t and don’t settle. I always want better, bigger, more! When someone tells me ‘no’ it’s an automatic challenge for me. I want this, all of it, so I work hard to get it.
What are the five things you can't live without ?
This is so cheesy, but it’s true. So many things of my life, memories and attachments are tied to it so, my number one can’t live without is music. I dance to it, I sing to it, I cry and laugh to it, I live, eat and breathe it in all aspects. Simply can’t live without it. I would be nothing without those I consider my friends and family. I am truly grateful for those people and relationships in my life. Diet and exercise play a large role in what I do as far as staying fit and healthy; it can be very physically demanding at times. A place to call “home”, my phone and my laptop. Anything else comes and goes in phases.

When you are designing a show, do you think about substance versus style? Which do you give more weight to? I know it must be hard for an up and coming artist to stage elaborate shows, but there is such an expectation in that area with concerts, especially for dance music. How does someone just starting out balance stage budgets and fan expectation?
I do everything I possibly can to entertain, involve and stimulate my audience on all levels. Yes there are certain restrictions but I’ve learned to overcome them. I’ve mostly performed in smaller, nightclub type, venues . There is a lot you can do that will have a big impact in a smaller environment. I’m a control freak so EVERYTHING right down to the last detail is planned and not left to chance. It’s an enormous undertaking but I love the challenge and feel so electrified when it all comes together for a live audience.

You seem to have great style. You look awesome in all of your photos. Do you have any inspiration for your style?
As with everything else I do, inspiration comes in all forms. When it comes to style, I tend to like things that are more classic and simple but with a twist. That twist can take on many forms...sometimes it's flashy, sometimes it's edgy or grundgy; sometimes, it's all of the above! Good lighting and photographers are a great help too!!
If the world had one perception (image) of you, what would you like it to be?
I would like to the world to know and remember that I entertained them. That people found true joy and escape in my music and were able to identify with it, have fun and dance thier asses off! The music and artists I love most all did that for me so I guess it's natural for me to want to do that for others as an artist.


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