Fan Focus: DJ Chris Colby

FAN FOCUS: DJ Chris Colby
"Let The Beat Hit You!" is proud to have our second article for our "Fan Focus" series. Our second artist that is on spotlight is the DJ Chris Colby. Chris Colby is a hot DJ that since 1985 spinning and making his original beats. In this article DJ Chris Colby takes all of his fans questions and responds to them in this intimate and no holds barred manner.
"If you are already a fan or find that you want to be a fan and keep up to date with what I am doing in my life and musically feel free to friend me on facebook Chris Colby and like my facebook fan page DJ Chris Colby you can also visit DJ Chris Colby Dance Evolution Podcast site at and coming soon a revamped Also I stated earlier on Sobel Nation Radio on the net at ( ) every Friday night at 10:00 - 11:00 PM.  I am always looking to meet new people and make new friends so whether you are a fan or someone looking for a DJ for your club, event or private party feel free to contact me." ~ Chris Colby

Q. How long has Chris been DJing?

I have been DJing since approximately 1985. The days of 2 or more MK 1200 and bringing new beats to the dance floors. Many times that was the only way to get extended club mixes of songs was to mix them ourselves. 

Q. What makes Chris pick this different style of club music that he plays?

I am not exactly sure what makes my style different then other DJ's. I mean we all have our own sounds, our own way of mixing and most importantly our own ears for what we feel is going to make our floors move. At least all this will fall in place as long as you do not let top 40 and music charts think for you. If you are going to do that then you might as well just get a juke box.

 Q. What is the music that you grew up playing and listening to?

Wow this is a good question as I am sure my musical past has made it so I hear the music and layering the way I do today.  As a young child I listened to classical. I am not sure what started me with that as none of the rest of my family listened to classical, my Father always had Big Band and Swing music on in the house. Then came rock & roll of the 60's and 70's followed by bluegrass and The Grateful Dead. Then 1 day I woke up and heard the club scene of the later 70's and early 80's the likes of Donna Summers, Madonna, Whitney Houston, Love & Kisses, O'Chi Brown. The list could go on forever, at that point I just kept growing with the sounds and artists which has brought us to today's EDM / House that I play today.  

Q. Where are you from have you moved in your life.

I have always lived in Pennsylvania. I was born in Montgomery County Pennsylvania and now live in Delaware County PA, I had a pit-stop in the city of Philadelphia.

Q. Is working in the music business you ever get the feeling that you want to quit?

This is a tricky question to answer. The music business is many faceted even as a Producer / DJ there are times that you want to move ahead faster or be heard somewhere. For me one of the hardest parts is not being able to do it as a full time job, unfortunately bills do not pay themselves and I have a particular life style that I like to live. At times I get disillusioned when I hear and see other DJ's who work the clubs all the time, but for many of them that is where they stop because they become a push and play DJ. They do not use their imagination to make a sound that is theirs. Is the business hard yes but would I quit never I will always keep my fingers in it one way or another because I love the music way too much to just stop.   

Q. What do you think about other djs and the music they play?

There are many excellent DJ's out there and many that are not so great. Some of the best DJ's I have heard are not ones that will make the millions of dollars a year in the music business. Others that make millions you wonder how they got there. As long as a DJ is creating music and a musical experience from the heart and their love for music and not just to put cash in their pocket the crowd can sense this and that is what makes the people dancing move as a single mass on the floor, everybody doing their own thing and having it all mesh together. A DJ that is push and play I do not think can provide the crowd with this experience.    

Q. Is the music business as cut-throat as it looks like when we read and see in papers and online?

I try not to think about the aforementioned cut-throat side of the business, I will say I have had people who I thought were friends for years that have decided to have an attitude or just not talk to me since I have started to reassert myself into the music again. That is on them I do it to bring joy and good times to those who like to listen to my music and musical choices. Then again I have also made many new friends in the business and hope we get to work together for a longtime some are Paul Rhodes of DigitalPR, Eric Alán, and Barbara Sobel who invited me to be part of a whole family at Sobel Nation Radio, she has brought me in to what many of us that work with her for Sobel Nation consider a new part of our music family. We all do it for our love of music. Currently  you can hear me on Sobel Nation Radio on the net at ( ) every Friday night at 10:00 - 11:00 PM est. Make sure to check out the site as she promotes many artists new and veterans as well as many DJ's.  It is a great place to showcase some of my music and share it with the world. I do believe that the Sobel Nation Radio's  tag line is stating the truth "The Future is Now" as internet radio will only get bigger in the future.

 Q. Who is your favorite artist and fellow dj?

This question is way too hard to answer, with so many great artists and DJ's out there it is almost impossible to select just one or even a couple. A few that have made large impressions on me are Donna Summer, Junior Vasquez, Coati Mundi, Lady Gaga, Eric Alán, Nicki Minaj, Liam Keegan, Whitney Houston, Peter Rauhofer, Madonna & Bimbo Jonesjust to name a few in no particular order.

I will tell you a quick story. I love Janice Robinson and have before I even knew what a wonderful person she is and all of the songs that she has written that so many of us in the Club  / EDM  music world have loved.  About 1994 I heard a song and had to have it right away. I ran out and bought multiple copies of Dreamer by Livin' Joy. I remixed this song and put it on cassette tape. I was in my truck with friends and we had it blasting, We had it up so loud we could smell my speakers burning and blew them out. I of course went out and bought new better speakers and you know what we did the same thing to those to.. Even today when we get to together we still think of the days that this happened and we all remember the song that blew out the speakers. Because of the internet and social media sites I have found that the  words and music of that song touched so many of us and left us with great memories.     

Q. I have a question for Chris Colby who is so hot he makes a blind cat see. When did you decide to become a DJ. Did your parents support you? Do they tell you to get a real job?


Maggie you have me blushing here with your first comment but thanks for the compliment.


I think I was always meant to be a DJ. As a child I always would play records in the house and introduce them like I was a radio DJ of the time. (LOL)  I am not sure if my parents ever knew how much it meant to me to bring music and joy into others lives. They knew I loved music and they supported me with all the turns I took with music, but as far as remixing and creating mix tapes I think they thought it was a great hobby.

My parents always let me know I would need to be able to support myself and I guess in some ways that is why I have a day job for bills and my music career at night because I love music and the way I can bring people together of all ages and many walks of life to have a good time while my music is the backdrop.






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