Carrie Underwood likes to "Cry Pretty"

Carrie Underwood - 

"Cry Pretty" is Carrie Underwood's sixth studio album which has a more mature theme throughout. This country singer is enjoying her award winning career with selling more than 16 million albums. 

Carrie Underwood's time tested success of tapping into what was in the heart of fans she continues. It is assuredly lovely to hear that we country music fans still have a couple of radio friendly female solo
artists. It sad to know that the radio waves have fallen drastically for radio play of these female country artists...which is a shame since the issue is not the lack of talented female singers releasing music it is focusing on more commercial and younger singers; Sara Evans, Lee Ann Womack, Pam Tillis, Lorrie Morgan are top notch singers that have great music stations are just not willing to play! It is a shame...I will digress and cover that in it's own article. 

Following a facial injury which lend itself to several months of Carrie's seclusion she returned to her musical love and told her fans of this new album. Carrie is showcasing a much more mature sound through the vocals, music choices and the messages she is sending. Do not get me wrong the final 4 tracks of the album are more toe-tapping, pop sounding. 

Tracks such as; "Drinking Alone" "That Song That We Used to Make Love To" and "Backsliding" are much more complicated in their messages and sound. These are not the feel good, pop dancing songs though these are truly album highlights. These songs like "Cry Pretty" along with "The Bullet" are strong anthems that even though Carrie Underwood has always tried to steer clear of being political the song "The Bullet" send a loud and clear message of this singer's stance on gun control.  I applaud this singer for doing something out of her comfort zone that may get the historically red and conservative country music fans aggravated but is important in this day and age. Take a listen and you will enjoy the treat of "Cry Pretty"


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