Loretta Lynn goes "Full Circle"

Loretta Lynn |  Full Circle  |  Out Now!

Loretta Lynn - the 83 years young country music icon and living legend has released her long awaited new album entitled; "Full Circle" which is currently out now. This album is the first for Loretta in 12 years and has been long awaited from her fans (such as myself).

"Full Circle" continues Loretta's powerful messages being penned and left as a truly inspirational gift to us the listeners. One can hear the true ache in her voice when singing the track; "Who's Gonna Miss Me When I'm Gone?" The album is a true gift to all fans. If you are also a fan of Loretta's then one will have to watch the PBS American Masters documentary entitled; "Loretta Lynn: Still a
Mountain Girl. This documentary is a perfect pairing to the new album that also shows the heartaches and life experiences that Loretta endured from her childhood to her arrival in Nashville, TN where she became fast best friend's with another legend Patsy Cline. The lesson's that Loretta to this day has taken from Patsy Cline and her knack to just say it like it is with such groundbreaking songs like "The Pill" "Fist City" "One's on the Way" "Don't Come Home A-Drinkin'" "Rated X" "Wine Women and Song" "Miss Being Mrs." "Out of my Head and Into My Bed" and countless others have solidified this country singer as one of the true first ladies. There was and is nothing taboo and what you see is what you get both on and offstage. Right down to it Loretta is a true genuine lady of country whom set a new tone for the genre which will never see another like her.

"Full Circle" in its entirety is full of gems with nothing consisting of zero fillers. All are ready to be a hit single for Loretta. Some of my favorites are; "Lay Me Down" (such amazing vocals with Loretta and Willie Nelson), "Everything It Takes," "Whose Gonna Miss Me?"

Loretta additionally does wonderful covers of songs such as; "Always On My Mind" (which was made famous by Willie Nelson and Elvis Presley) along with "Secret Love" (made famous by Doris Day). Also, Loretta retools a famous song she previously recorded on this album; "Fist City." I am certain that this album will receive praise as it deserves with accolades from the Grammy's and more. It is fascinating to hear upon recording this album Loretta recorded a reportedly 100 tracks with most done within one take. The trio that were on this project along Loretta were one of her twin daughter's Patsy Lynn Russell and John Carter Cash (another from a famous family June Carter & Johnny Cash). This album; "Full Circle" from Loretta Lynn is another soon to be classic and showcases once again exactly why this lady is and always will be a queen of country! 


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