Chris Burke Connecting to His Soul!

Chris Burke - as one of our "Artists In Residence" we want to share more great music from this talented singer/songwriter. Recently, Chris Burke went and performed live in Nashville at "12th & Porter." This month Chris's fans got to see him sing live and do a great collection of his own material and covers of some of his favorites.

Getting to know Chris Burke and his passion for music you will find out very quickly that one area is soul music. In my own humble opinion Chris has a voice perfect for soul and he shines in great ways in this area.

Two notable performances that are also for your viewing pleasure from this gig are two great soulful songs 1) "Bring It Home (a great Sam Cooke track) and 2) "I Got A Woman" (another great track from Ray Charles). Rest assure Chris Burke will be featured along with our other artists in residence frequently to bring them to your radar and an earned platform for such gifted talent. Enjoy!


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