MRF (Preview of Exclusive Interview!)

           MRF - is one huge threat taking the entertainment industry by storm. This recording artist, saxophonist, pianist, composer, producer, arranger, educator, and music director calls Boston home. It is truly amazing that MRF had time to breath and was kind enough to speak to "The Beat!" This artist is by the true definition and whom as soon I heard his music knew he would be perfection as a newly added member to our "Artist In Residence" program along with featuring him and his music. You will find as I did that his music simply gets your attention for the right reasons and stays with you. His personality and true passion for what he does makes it pleasurable to speak and know here is one person whom truly found his calling.

Thus far MRF has released 2 albums; Elevator Music (2010) and Mob Music (2013). MRF garnered from his album Mob Music huge acclaim such as topping iTunes Jazz Chart US along with Billboard's HeatSeekers Chart. MRF also won praise from receiving 2 OUTmusic Awards in 2014. MRF is a voting member of the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences (Grammy Awards) and an educator in Berklee College of Music: Faculty Outreach.

 This well accomplished artist is releasing his long awaited 3rd album entitled; Yasko Sensei an EP being released this month! Click Here to Pre-order via iTunes!

MRF was kind enough to record a special video greeting especially for "The Beat!" and you are treasured readers. Take a moment and check-out MRF's message in which he gives us a taste of the music from his up-coming EP. It is surely going to be another home run of music that if you are not a fan before you will be now! Enjoy and be on the look-out for MRF's Exclusive Interview with us soon! 

Take a listen to MRF's new single; "Makes Me Wonder" from his up-coming EP!.

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